Center For Learning and Discovery


Every student should have the opportunity to be a successful learner.

Our Structure of Intellect (SOI) Assessment identifies each individual's learning strengths and weaknesses by evaluating 26 cognitive abilities.

At iamoneTruTH, we believe in developing the whole child.

Using a four step, comprehensive approach to education therapy, we

equip your student with the necessary intellectual skills to learn and 

combine mind, body, heart practices for self discovery and holistic wellness. 


We believe intelligence is not fixed at birth and can be trained and nurtured over a lifetime.

A comprehensive Personalized Learning Plan is developed and a consultation with the student and guardian(s) is completed.  At this meeting all test results and treatment options are thoroughly discussed.



The mind-body connection can work together to enhance learning.

With guidance from our practitioners and consistent training, 90 specific cognitive learning abilities can be trained with the SOI modules. Emotional, physical and social well-being can be nurtured with the Center’s Mind/Body Connection practices. 



We believe each student is unique and valuable!

With intentional focus and pre-post analysis, each student's progress is continually evaluated to ensure their training efforts have been beneficial. 


When the individual’s ability to learn is enhanced, the entire trajectory of their lives is changed for the better.

"I believe this is an investment in my child's lifelong learning journey.....One worth every penny."

~Satisfied Parent~

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