Learning is limitless

When an individual’s ability to learn is enhanced, the entire trajectory of their life is changed for the better.

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Our Approach

At iamoneTrüTH, we believe in developing the whole child.

Using a four step, comprehensive approach to education therapy, we equip your student with the necessary intellectual skills to learn and combine brain, body, heart practices for self discovery and holistic wellness.

We believe that intelligence is not fixed at birth and can be nurtured and developed over a lifetime.

The brain-body connection can work together to enhance learning.

The current climate requires intentional brain-body-heart care and connection in order for the best and truest version of the individual (intellectually, physically, mentally, and emotionally) to shine and reach their fullest potential.


Our approach to enhancing learning and discovery is simple:

Assess, Analyze, Activate and Achieve!

Our Unique Four Step Process:


Every student should have the opportunity to become a successful learner.​

Our Structure of Intellect (SOI) Assessment identifies each individual’s learning strengths and weaknesses by evaluating 26 cognitive abilities.


We believe intelligence is not fixed at birth and can be trained and nurtured over a lifetime.

A comprehensive Personalized Learning Plan is developed and a consultation with the student and guardian(s) is completed. At this meeting all test results and treatment options are thoroughly discussed.


The brain-body connection can work together to enhance learning.

With guidance from our practitioners and consistent training, 90 specific cognitive learning abilities can be trained with the SOI modules. Emotional, physical and social well-being can be nurtured with the Center’s Brain/Body Connection practices.


We believe each student is unique and valuable!

With intentional focus and pre-post analysis, each student’s progress is continually evaluated to ensure their training efforts have been beneficial.

Discover Your Child's Hidden Potential

"At iamoneTrüTH, our daughter has a teacher, a counselor, a confidant and a friend all in the talented, experienced and loving team that work with each child. Great care and patience is taken to learn about each student and develop a tailored program that will help each student find joy and fulfilment through progress and success."
— Linda, parent
"We learn meditation and yoga and how to think about what we can do in different situations. I also really like Ms. Allison. She's really nice. She thinks of treats and fun things. I wish she could teach at my school and be my 3rd grade teacher."
— Amelie, student
"Why don't they teach us about our brains in school? About our emotions? I think learning about our brains and emotions are important and they should teach them in our schools."
— Elena, student
"SOI gave me targeted solutions to expand my horizons. It helped me identify the learning needs of my children and myself, which made me both a better person and better parent."
— Alycia, parent and judge


SOI is a 2-part approach that involves an initial assessment followed by an individualized training program that enhances the person's ability to be successful in any area of life. It gives valuable information about the brain, learning style, and how to further develop cognitive abilities.


Successful learning requires certain abilities  – comprehension, problem-solving, evaluation, memory, visual perception, sensory integration and creativity.  SOI seeks to enhance these abilities so that the student can increase performance not just in the classroom, but in all areas of life!   SOI Systems.com

  • Gifted students

  • Near-gifted, average students

  • Learning-disabled students

  • High school students

  • College students

  • Adults

  • In other words, anybody looking to enhance their life skills and learning abilities!

These tests are not tests of achievement, knowledge or how much a student learned and retained in school. Instead, the SOI test is diagnostic and leads directly to a treatment plan. The student's cognitive strengths and weaknesses are fully outlined in their test results. The analysis identifies the student's learning style - figural, symbolic, or semantic, and produces a profile in the areas of comprehension, problem solving, evaluation, memory, visual perception, sensory integration and creativity. Through this detailed profile, a Personalized Learning Plan is developed and education therapy can be initiated.

structure of intellect learning program