Integrated Practice Protocol

Integrated Practice Protocol (IPP ) Program Phoenix

Integrated Practice Protocol incorporates learning therapy that deals directly with the causes of the learning issues. It is directed towards developing how a person’s physical abilities pertain to the left and right sides of the brain, which ultimately would lead to learning. These physical abilities are considered one of the significant elements crucial to the learning process. In addition, many scientific pieces of research have shown that a strong intellectual system requires a strong physical base. But before we move further into the discussion, let us cover the meaning behind the terminology of IPP as a whole.



Signifying combined or coordinated separated elements provides a sense of harmony and an interrelated whole.


Includes repeated performance or a systematic exercise only for the sake of acquiring skills and proficiency.


Signifies the plan for executing a scientific treatment regimen that has to be followed precisely as is.


IPP is the acronym that stands for Integrated Practice Protocol. Altogether, these three letters seem to have a greater value to thousands of individuals. As it turns out, it holds the potential to improve the ability to learn, focus, concentrate, and remember, produce, and succeed in the learning environment and the real world that awaits them. But, unfortunately, it is already an accepted fact that many students are not as well prepared to face the song as others.

Due to physical and psychological issues, they are not well prepared to fulfill learning demands, as are many others. As a result, these students may struggle with auditory or visual memory, concentration issues, sitting still, completing work, or turning in their assigned task. In addition, they may show issues related to behaviors, which may include but are not restricted to shyness or immaturity.

Hence, after we conducted academic testing, we learned that a challenged student falls far below the expected grade level. You may be wondering, “why is that the case?” This is where the IPP comes in. If these issues are not addressed early with an accurate solution, the struggles may continue to manifest throughout their life.


What Does The IPP Program Address?


The IPP program addresses multiple causes that may yield from learning difficulty. It looks forward to eliminating attention span, memory, contrast and comparison thinking, and system reasoning issues. They also tend to address the issues related to eye-hand coordination and other crucial skills to improve the learning process. This will help the individual perform better socially and in sports.


As any coach expects their respective athletes to be on top of their games, we should also expect that every student holds the processing abilities to learn successfully. As it happens, athletes are supposed to work out before they participate in any game. Similarly, students can be referred to the IPP to enhance their learning abilities. As a result, the program will enable them to find the sweet spot to cultivate their higher level of success in the classroom and what lies beyond. 

The Turning Point Of IPP:


  • Cognitive assessment is done to determine the learning process’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • The sensory-motor screening is conducted to understand how the vision, auditory, and motor systems can maintain a conversation and retain information.



IPP includes many scientific processes to ensure the areas which need development. With each student having a distinct IPP Plan, rest assured that each student will meet success.