SOI IPP in Cognitive Ability Training – Memory Improvement

Integrated Practice Protocol (IPP) Program

Poor memory is one of the major concerns in education, particularly in elementary school. With lower memory ability, comprehension and problem-solving skills are also affected. When required, the brain fails to retrieve known data and information. Luckily, in such a situation, taking up a cognitive child development program including Structure of Intellect cognitive ability assessment and cognitive ability training, Integrated Practice Protocol screening and vision, auditory processing, sensory integration, and focusing skills exercises will be of great help. After a comprehensive analysis program, an ability training program is arranged as per the child’s need. 

What is a cognitive ability training program – brain training for kids and adults?


First, the Structure of Intellect (SOI) assessment is done thoroughly and reviewed with the candidate and their family. In the assessment, it becomes clear which cognitive abilities are strong in a candidate and the areas that can be improved or developed. There is an analysis of auditory, vision, and sensory-motor integration skills as well. A customized learning plan or training program is then devised to develop the weaker skills. The same is applicable for adults too. 

What is the need for taking a cognitive ability training program?


SOI IPP in cognitive ability training assesses 26 cognitive abilities. If any of the abilities are below average or not developed, it will be difficult for children to learn in a classroom setting. With the help of cognitive ability training, you can strengthen and develop the brain’s cognitive functioning. Even in adults, some of the abilities might be under-developed. However, the training program can help enhance the cognitive faculties. Not only that, cognitive abilities like memory, comprehension, creativity, high levels of thinking, etc., also improve. 

What are some popular programs for training memory and memory improvement as part of developing cognitive skills?


An integral part of cognitive development programs is memory improvement. Memory Matrix is one of the most well-known programs for enhancing memory. Adults and kids aged six years or above can take this program.

There are 13 different auditory and visual memory exercises in this particular program. These exercises help in arithmetic, reading, mathematics, languages, and art. There are also training exercises for symbolic, figural, and semantic themes. 

The memory training programs can be customized as per the candidate’s needs. In each exercise, candidates can choose from easy to complex memory tasks. However, this will depend upon the candidate’s age and abilities. If you are looking to improve your memory, there is no better option than the Memory Matrix. 


Using memory kits for childhood brain development and memory enhancement


If you are looking for a memory kit for training all kinds of memory, there is no better alternative than FSM Memory Kit. This user-friendly kit trains in symbolic, figural, and semantic memories. You will be able to retain and retrieve information in the form of pictures, codes, numbers, letters, words, notes, etc. All the memory types are trained at the systems and units level. 

There are many exercises available for a specific kind of memory. The best thing about the kit is that it can be used on a one-to-one basis and in a group setting. It is most suitable for students of first grade to eighth grade. You can personalize the exercises from easy to difficult as per your need. 



The Integrated Practice Protocol (IPP) Program and SOI (Structure of Intellect) Systems programs boost your memory performance via the cognitive ability training program. At iamoneTruTH, the mission is to develop cognitive skills in children in the best way possible to make them better individuals. Choose from different assessment forms and consultation sessions at iamoneTruTH for your child’s holistic well-being.


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