SOI IPP in Developing Cognitive Skills – Improving Reading Disorders

SOI (Structure of Intellect) Systems programs

Every person is born with unique cognitive skills. These skills dictate how the brain reasons, learns, remembers, thinks, and concentrates. When the brain is fed with new information or data, cognitive skills help process the data accordingly. However, cognitive abilities do not develop equally in all individuals, leading to various problems and disorders – a common one being reading disorders. To overcome these disorders and disabilities, different kinds of programs have been designed and developed. When implemented correctly, these have been shown to bring tremendous results. In this regard, special mention needs to be made of SOI (Structure of Intellect) Systems programs and the Integrated Practice Protocol (IPP) Program

What are Structure of Intellect (SOI) and Structure of Intellect cognitive ability assessment and cognitive ability training?

SOI follows a 2-part approach with an initial assessment followed by a customized training program to enhance a person’s cognitive abilities. The assessment provides crucial information about the brain, learning style, and ways of developing cognitive skills. If you want to be a successful learner, you must have particular abilities: memory, problem solving, comprehension, visual perception, evaluation, etc. With SOI, you can enhance these skills for better performance. 

The Structure of Intellect cognitive ability assessment can be taken by students and adults alike. The assessment test is a diagnosis from which a treatment plan is devised. It is possible to identify your cognitive weaknesses and strengths from the test, along with your learning style. A detailed profile is created covering all cognitive areas, and then a customized learning plan is developed. 

This learning plan is also known as a cognitive ability training program. In SOI, 26 cognitive abilities are assessed. If some of the abilities do not develop, children will face problems learning in a classroom setting. However, cognitive ability training strengthens and develops the brain’s cognitive functioning.

What is Integrated Practice Protocol (IPP) program?


With SOI, it is possible to identify a learning disability or disorder. However, if you want to know and address the cause of the learning disability, an Integrated Practice Protocol (IPP) program will help you. With this program, you can improve your memory, reasoning ability, concentration span, eye-hand coordination, and many other skills needed for the learning process. Once you know the cause of your disability, you can work on it and improve academic performance and co-curricular activities. 


How the combination of SOI and IPP helps in addressing the problem of reading disorders and general academic issues improvement?


Reading disorders are not uncommon among kids, and one of the best ways of overcoming this problem is by following an SOI program. Along with addressing reading disorders from the roots, the program also boosts self-confidence and helps bring success in the child’s academic endeavors.

The problem of reading disorder is probed into using the SOI assessment test of learning abilities. Once the problem is diagnosed, the child is made to go through the IPP program. The IPP program addresses visual and auditory processing issues, SOI learning abilities, and sensory-motor development for concentration and coordination. The younger the child, the quicker is the problem-solving time. 

What are the areas of improvement in reading disorders after taking SOI and IPP programs?


If you are a parent of a kid with reading disorders and you have taken up SOI and IPP programs for low learning abilities improvement, you have to keep some patience for sure. Immediate and quick results will not come from the programs, and you will see gradual improvements in your child. 

Some improvement areas which are visible include:

  • Enhanced learning stamina
  • Better learning skills
  • Enhanced reading ability and making fewer mistakes while reading out aloud
  • Better attention span
  • Better handwriting
  • Positive attitude
  • Interested in attending class


As SOI and IPP are showing exemplary results for brain training and social skills training for kids & adults, these programs are implemented in many schools, workplaces, and clinics. At iamoneTruTH, get the best cognitive development program in Arizona for the total cognitive development of your child. The child is equipped with all required intellectual skills for learning by combining the body, brain, and heart for holistic wellness and self-discovery. With enhanced learning ability, the child becomes a better version of themselves physically, mentally, intellectually, and emotionally. 

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