What is the Structure of Intellect (SOI) Approach for Solving Learning Problems?

Structure of Intellect (SOI) Approach for Solving Learning Problems

Becoming a successful learner is quite an achievement in itself. For many people, it might be pretty straightforward. But for many others, learning might be quite a tricky thing. Learning problems are not new and unknown; it is just that people don’t pay much attention to them until and unless they themselves or someone close faces the issues and hindrances in learning. The Structure of Intellect (SOI) Systems programs are of great help to people who think learning is complex. This program can be taken by anyone in any kind of learning situation. 

Structure of Intellect – key to learning and low learning abilities improvement

Structure of Intellect also referred to as SOI, is a theory related to human intelligence, which defines abilities for acquiring, accumulating, and processing information. It is needless to say that these three are the bases of human learning. It was deduced from studies and research that basic learning and intellectual abilities were closely connected. Also, these intellectual abilities could be honed and enhanced for better learning overall. 

SOI remains unique because it has the perfect amalgamation of a comprehensive analysis program and cognitive ability training. With analysis and assessments, intellectual abilities are measured. With proper training, weak intellectual abilities are developed, and strong capabilities are enhanced further. 

How do Structure of Intellect cognitive ability assessment and cognitive ability training help enhance learning abilities?


There are different areas in which the SOI approach solves learning problems. Some of the most prominent areas include:


Cognition is the capability of assimilating new material or recognizing an item that has been seen before. People who have solid cognition abilities will have an excellent comprehension of any kind of visual details, understand nuances and meanings, and see spatial relationships. 


Memory is the ability to retrieve and recall data or information known previously. Memory can be considered as the counterpart of cognition. While cognition is the way of ‘taking in’ information or data, memory is the way of ‘bringing back’ the learned or known information. 

People who have strong memory abilities will be able to remember auditory and visual details and will also be able to recall any kind of incidental information. 


With proper evaluation skills, you will be able to make practical decisions and judgments. In most cases, evaluation is needed when the information provided is incomplete, ambiguous, or uncertain. The right decision can be taken with the proper assessment of a situation. 

Anyone with solid evaluation skills will conceptualize symbolic data and make visual judgments. 


When a person expresses something freely through drawing, writing, numbers, or any other format, it is known as creativity. Creativity is creating something “out of the box.” 

People who have strong creativity skills generally have a flair for different ideas, and they love to produce ideas and assimilate them. These people are also blessed with unique problem-solving abilities. 

Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills help individuals define a problem, determine the root cause of the problem, and identify a solution. People who are adept in problem-solving skills will be cautious and particular about details, proficient in arithmetic processes, and able to scan data quickly. 

What is the SOI approach to solving learning problems or improving general academic issues?

The SOI process or approach is quite simple and involves assessment, identification, and training. Combining these three factors provides a strong foundation for a comprehensive system of educational therapy.

Assessment tests

Through SOI assessment tests, it is possible to get an idea about the candidate’s learning abilities and judge the individual’s learning potential. The assessment provides data on how information is processed, remembered, understood, evaluated, implemented in problem-solving, and most importantly, how it is used for creativity. 

Identification of strong and weak abilities

From the assessment, it is possible to identify the areas of strong and weak abilities. Some of the areas which cause problems commonly include evaluation, comprehension, memory, problem-solving, etc. Once the weak areas are marked, steps are taken to develop and strengthen them. The strong areas can be developed and groomed further. 


Various kinds of personalized training materials are developed and devised as per the candidate’s requirement. The cognitive ability training program is tailor-made to suit the need of every candidate. Low abilities are targeted so that they can be strengthened. 

The primary approach is to eliminate the source of the learning issue. 



SOI approach is unique and highly effective for solving learning problems. At iamoneTruTH, candidates can reap benefits from Arizona’s best cognitive development program. The central vision of the organization is to seek the overall development of the candidate. 

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