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structure of intellect learning program

The truth is, if you look around carefully, you will start noticing how successful learners are well aware of their surroundings. However, there could be instances where a child lags with his/her learning process. Therefore, the moment a teacher or parent starts noticing the change in performance, they should be prompt to take the required steps. 

Successful learning includes receiving prior knowledge in a better format, presenting, challenging oneself with tasks, assimilating the knowledge, constructive criticism for improvement, application of the knowledge, repeating the process. Many believe that it is a cakewalk, but the results may differ as per the cognitive abilities and physical strengths of the student. Schools pressurize without realizing the difference in grasping capability. A struggling student might be a challenge for the school, but it might become an easy task with proper cognitive ability training and a wider perspective.

What To Keep In Mind?


  1. Physical Fitness: A student should be physically fit for functional brain-body connectivity. A student will learn more quickly with good vision, a controlled and focused body, and a strong auditory system. Mindfulness, yoga, meditation, visualization, and tapping practices help a student self-regulate (physical, mental, and social/emotional abilities) and make the learning process a joyful journey. The vision should be checked regularly for better intake of the knowledge provided. Clear vision does not ensure proper workability of the eyes.
  2. Mental Fitness: While keeping the body healthy, we sometimes forget the mind and how crucial its existence is. Developing Cognitive Skills are pivotal in building the foundational years of a student. A student will lag if not noticed on time with lower cognitive capability. Paying proper attention and solving the problem when required is concerned. Teachers and parents must pay heed to general academic issues improvement, which incorporates basic empathy and belief towards the student. Comprehension and problem solving may become difficult for students if their mental health is compromised.

How To Initiate Successful Learning?


Sometimes, it might get frustrating for a teacher to deal with a struggling student. The least human gesture could be to show empathy and help that student. The Structure of Intellect is one of those proven theories which could be both improved and identified. When a student lacks processing the information provided, it will be a waste of time to repeat it in a loop. The most important aspect here is understanding the difficulty from a student’s perspective. With SOI, the difficulties could be addressed by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the student. The results will add up to the student’s learning process.


  • The learning process involves various exploration of interests, passions, and activities beyond their curriculum. To be a successful learner, the student must have a healthy environment with a persistent attitude for learning. Teachers and parents must stay persistent and patient with the learning process for struggling students. Sometimes, a different perspective is required.
  • The world is full of distractions, and a student with any cognitive capability needs to maintain a routine.
  • For providing better guidance to students, the guardian and student may join Brain Training for Kids  & Adults to avoid any quarrel.
  • Questions should be asked whenever a student is in doubt.

SOI is one of the most used theories used in educational institutes and learning centers around the globe.